Numbers, book of

Numbers, book of
The fourth book in the OT; the title derives from the census (1:1–46). The literary sources J, E, and P are all found in Num., and behind them were numerous local traditions which they assimilated. Probably the book as finally edited has conflated a variety of tribal memories into a unity, accepted as its own by the whole nation. The book therefore represents Israel's interpretation of her past.
The historical narrative of Numbers, round which other literary types have been collected, takes the progress of the Israelites from the entrance into the wilderness, through the wilderness from Sinai to Trans-jordan; it records conquests in that region, and finally the approach to Canaan. These events cannot be regarded as strictly historical reminiscences since Num. in something like its present form was probably compiled much later, about 550 BCE.

Dictionary of the Bible.

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